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The Live the Dream project contains eight original songs and each has a narrative introduction track that takes you on a journey to rediscover the dream.

One winter day, on a long drive home from Ohio to Nashville, I had an awakening and realized there was still a dream for my life, but I wasn’t living it. God had written the dream on my heart years before, but, deep down, I struggled with unbelief. I realized, that day, I had been playing it safe and living a life I wasn’t passionate about. I determined, then and there, to pursue the dream at all costs ... no matter how foolish it looked or what the outcome might be. Are you pursuing the dream for your life?  The clock is ticking. The world is waiting!

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I wrote this song called “Flesh and Blood” years ago for my amazing stepdaughter, Colbi, who I have since adopted. Thanks to Rick Altizer for his amazing music and production skills and for suggesting we cut a country version.

Great vocal by Matt Dame.  

Live the Dream is an audio journey of songs and stories that will reignite your passion to pursue the dream you were created for.

The Lord is my strength and song,

and He has become my salvation.

                                            Psalm 118:14